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Silicone Teething Mitten


Tender gums mean teeth are coming! The Silicone Teething Mitten helps your little one through this painful process with teething relief by gently massaging the inside of your baby's mouth.

  • Mouth-massaging textured bumps to massage gums and ease your baby's discomfort when in their teething phase!
  • Doubles as a toy with crinkling fabric that makes a stimulating sound to keep your little one engaged and active
  • Nothing is more precious than your little one’s well being! We make sure each mitten is FDA- Approved, BPA-free, and non-toxic with food grade silicone, ensuring quality you and your baby can rely on
  • Adjustable wrist straps keep them from going anywhere! They stay safe and secure so your little one won't lose them, and they adjust to fit your baby's rapid growth!