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Baby Cartoon Decorative Mirror

Babby Rabbit
Baby Doe
Baby Kitty
Baby Bear
Baby Cloud
Baby Sheep
Baby Star
Baby Butterfly
Baby's Crown

Add some fun to your child's room and decorate it with the cartoon animal of your choice.
These acrylic mirrors are hand-made products so there might be a slightly difference in color.

We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.

Dimensions : (Note: 1-3 cm error)

  • Baby Rabbit : 16x24 cm
  • Baby Doe : 16x28 cm
  • Baby Kitty : 21.5x24 cm
  • Baby Bear : 22x22.5 cm
  • Baby Cloud : 18x28 cm
  • Baby Sheep : 18x27 cm
  • Baby Star : 21x22.5 cm
  • Baby Butterfly : 26.5x18 cm
  • Baby's Crown : 22.5x16.5 cm